I'm a visual artist, photographer, luxury hotel & resort expert, drone certified pilot, virtual reality producer based in Puglia, Italy with clients in Europe and Africa. I mainly shot on Leica Camera.

I'm a storyteller of imagery.

There’s a story to tell in every person and every place. I behold a passion for photography that tells these stories with authenticity. My versatility and creativity allow me to approach every project with new perspectives.

I capture intricate detail in all of his works. I prefer natural imagery in an unstaged setting with a narrative focus that reveals not only the environment that surrounds us, but also the way we live and work within it. I use of soft, natural light highlights the perception of reality, invoking feelings and emotions as though you were part of the image itself. By considering and valuing my clients' needs and wants, and adding my unique perspective, I compose a multi-dimensional canvas of the environment's truest form in a framed scenario. I meticulously edit the images to correct any imperfections to create the most impactful photography possible.

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Professionally I was born as a cyber technologist.

My journey led me to a full immersion into the world of hospitality for the discerning traveller.

More as a 'consigliere' than a solutions provider, my lived hospitality experiences, simply put, my lifestyle, has enabled me to provide enlightened hoteliers with the action and direction only a best friend would be able to provide. What makes our offer unique, sustainable and impactful is passion, true immersive engagement and unwavering commitment to mesmerise audiences, and reach the soul of your guests, beyond what traditional communications styles have been able to achieve.


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