I'm a visual artist, photographer, luxury hotel & resort expert, drone certified pilot, virtual reality producer based in Puglia, Italy with clients in Europe and Africa. I mainly shoot on Leica Camera.

I'm a storyteller of imagery.

Every person and every place has personal story to tell. I have a passion for photography and authenticity that tells these kinds of personal stories. My versatility and creativity allows me to approach every project with fresh perspectives.

I like my work to capture intricate detail. I prefer natural imagery in an unstaged setting with a narrative focus that reveals not only the environment that surrounds us, but also the way we live and work within it. My use of soft natural light, highlights the perception of reality, invoking feelings and emotions as though you were part of the image itself. By considering and valuing my clients' requirements and desires, and adding my unique perspective, I compose a multi-dimensional canvas of the environment's truest form in a framed scenario. I meticulously edit the images to correct any imperfections to create the most impactful photography possible.

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Professionally I was born as a cyber technologist.

My journey has led me to a full immersion into the world of hospitality, especially for the discerning traveller.

More as a 'consigliere' than a solutions provider, my lived hospitality experiences, simply put, my lifestyle, has enabled me to provide enlightened hoteliers with the action and direction only a best friend would be able to provide. What makes my offer unique, sustainable and impactful is passion, true immersive engagement and unwavering commitment to mesmerise audiences reaching the soul of your guests beyond what traditional communications styles have been able to achieve.


Italian Luxury Photographer

Every time Gianni Buonsante produces a new footage for EHMA (European Hotel Managers Association), the result is mesmerizing. It seems that transforming raw footage into a visually stunning final product is part of Ingenia's Direct DNA. But what we appreciate the most, is how he brings the story to the forefront and keeps the audience engaged. Afterall, it is not just technical proficiency and artistic vision but his magic touch that encapsulates magic moments!

Panos Almyrantis
President EHMA
European Hotel Managers Association

Not only Gianni Buonsante has become our lighthouse, igniting our most impactful communication activities, they are our ‘association makers’, capturing images that, rather than communicating with our existing and prospective guests through discrete interactions, they are communicating through analogies evoking images, thus providing meaningful experiences. He has an innate and ingrained ability to capture light in every image. It is very much the light that nurtures the eye of the beholder, making it an experience of beauty. 

Marco Truffelli
Partner and Managing Director
Rufflets St Andrews - Scotland 

How can we apply the idea of capturing unforgettable experiences and memorable places to photography? Let's explore the concept of “photographic storytelling” and creating a photo carousel that effectively conveys this perspective. Great job, Gianni, and team! Thank you for bringing this vision to life.

Daniele Trombacco
Hotel Manager
7Pines Ibiza

Gianni non fa solamente delle belle foto, ma riesce a catturare l'anima di ogni cosa che inquadra rendendo il bello ancora più bello e sopratutto dando vita a ciò che non è animato. Il bello delle sue foto è che fanno sognare e ti proiettano a vivere la vacanza in anticipo.

Vito Spalluto
Managing Director
7Pines Sardinia

Vedere le foto è stata una forte emozione.. incredibilmente ho rivisto la bellezza delle zone dell’hotel che quotidianamente vedo e curo con gli stessi occhi di 12 anni fa il primo giorno che entrai in questo hotel. Il segreto è nelle foto che un genio come Gianni è riuscito a fare.. e penso che non dipenda dalla macchina fotografica ma dalla sua capacità di immaginarsi quel posto così come lo vorrebbe vedere una persona che ama la bellezza. Io ho scelto di dirigere questo hotel per la sua bellezza e rivedere tanta bellezza ha riacceso la bellezza nei miei occhi.

Salvatore Pisani
Complex General Manager
Hotel Gabrielli - Splendid Venice

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