Meet Gianni, Italian Photographer

Meet Gianni, Italian Photographer

About Me, Italian Photographer

About Me, Italian Photographer

Born in 1972, I still live in Puglia, Southern Italy, within a few kilometers of the sparkling sea, I've never thought of leaving Puglia because I've found what feeds my passion, my creativity, and what gives me the utmost joy.


Professionally I was born as a cyber technologist.

My journey has led me to a full immersion into the world of hospitality, especially for the discerning traveller.

More as a 'consigliere' than a solutions provider, my lived hospitality experiences, simply put, my lifestyle, has enabled me to provide enlightened hoteliers with the action and direction only a best friend would be able to provide. What makes my offer unique, sustainable and impactful is passion, true immersive engagement and unwavering commitment to mesmerise audiences reaching the soul of your guests beyond what traditional communications styles have been able to achieve.


At the age of 12, my dad, an Air Force marshal, brought me to his office in the summer. There, I approached my first computer: a Commodore PET. Computers were rare during this time, and I was so intrigued, I delved into exploring this innovative machine, and within two years, I taught my first course Basics for Programming on a C64 to a class of forty students, all older than me.

Over the years, I've continued cultivating that passion, which is integral to my job and life. Writing is another passion; I've been jotting down poems and my thoughts since I was seventeen. I even enrolled in the university faculty of telecommunication engineering but after a couple of lessons, I realized it wasn't for me.

The conscription service was also essential for my training and professional growth: I developed Unix-based software that made it possible to record access from outside Gioia del Colle, a military airport, so the on-duty officer could easily identify the owner of a vehicle on base. Upon leaving, I received the base commander's praise for my contribution.

My only experience with subordinate work was at the age of nineteen, working with the Unix operating system, on accounting management software, and subsequently, a hotel management system. In 1996, I started a business developing software that covered the needs of small businesses. In 1998, I developed my first website for a luxury hotel in Tuscany, and since then, I've continued to study, deepen and hone my passion for digital communication and marketing, an integral part of my training and work.

 With every project, I always try to incorporate my plethora of skills and experiences, to involve all the elements as if they were musicians of an orchestra.

In 2000, I founded Ingenia Direct S.r.l. - - which deals mostly with digital communication via the development of advanced websites, digital marketing, and software development dedicated to covering specific needs to improve guests' experiences from booking to staying. With Ingenia Direct, we serve customers from Italy, Kenya, Uganda, and England.

 I have worked alongside many medium to large companies in the logistics, furniture, and luxury sectors. I give my all with each project, and in turn, gain immeasurable knowledge, experience, and elements that allow me to think outside the box, and to seek the utmost opportunities and challenges for every event.

 One of my passions was, and always will be, photography. Today, I'm lucky enough to call it my job. I love using my personal perspective to portray all that there is to express in an experience, place, vacation, and in all sectors, not just luxury.

 A few years ago I lost my dad. He, along with my wife, contributed to my metamorphosis, to the man I am today, and I'll forever be grateful. I created a Facebook page entitled my dad - and when I can, I jot down my thoughts, emotions, and share my experiences. Today the page has over 65,500 fans, reaching 92,000 likes, 566,669 shares, and 3359 comments on some posts.

 I speak English and enjoy relationships with people of all cultures, which allows me to always learn and have a well-rounded view.


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