Rufflets St Andrews

Customer Testimonial

While the digital world has permeated our everyday existence, and is gradually penetrating our interactions, we are analogue human beings and our beautifully human mind works through analogies, by making associations.

At Rufflets, St Andrews - the home of extraordinary restorative experiences, delivered responsibly in a beautiful destination - having developed a highly interactive website, we searched for professional photographers to capture the essence of our ‘story doing’ and translate it into ‘story telling’.

Not only Gianni Buonsante photography has become our lighthouse, igniting our most impactful communication activities, they are our ‘association makers’, capturing images that, rather than communicating with our existing and prospective guests through discrete interactions, they are communicating through analogies evoking images, thus providing meaningful experiences. 

Gianni Buonsante has an innate and ingrained ability to capture light in every image. It is very much the light that nurtures the eye of the beholder, making it an experience of beauty. 

Marco Truffelli Partner and Managing DirectorRufflets St Andrews

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